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Advocacy / Litigation

The object of advocacy is to obtain a successful and practical resolution of the client’s claim in a cost effective manner. That includes exploring all ADR methods that may be useful as well as litigation and adjudication.


At Merrick Jamieson we know that successful advocacy requires:


  • Working with the client to identify the real problem and the legal basis for their position (getting to the heart of the matter).

  • Finding all the evidence relevant to the client’s position.

  • Evaluating and identifying the key information, including managing large volumes of data and documents (sorting the wheat from the chaff).

  • Developing the most persuasive method of presenting the client’s position.

  • Appearing on behalf of the client in whatever matter or forum required, from public hearings, regulatory proceedings, trial and appellate litigation or the Supreme Court of Canada.


There is no substitute for depth of experience and hard work. But it also requires a team effort on the part of lawyers, paralegals and support staff working with the client.


We have the experience, resources and commitment to represent clients in any situation, from routine matters to the most complex of cases.

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